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About - uR Solutions
YouR organization is the Solution but uR Solutions can assist with making your GIS activities more efficient and more successful.

For over fourteen (14) years, uR Solutions has managed and coordinated numerous data conversion and consulting projects that utilize ESRI software products. All of these projects have been extremely successful. uR Solutions primarily provides onsite GIS Technical Support to regional county and city government organizations. GIS Services concentrate in several areas:

- Helping staff become more efficient with using ArcGIS, ArcInfo and ArcView software to maintain, create and analyze GIS information.

- Providing professional project management and coordination guidance on GIS activities in all areas of the organization.

- Implementing ArcSDE and migrating existing GIS features and aerial images to enterprise geodatabases.

- Converting paper map documents or existing CAD data to personal geodatabase, shapefile or ArcInfo coverage format.
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